Special students selection is carried out twice a year, according to the UFSM academic calendar.
The guidelines for selection are published in a public official notice on the UFSM Web site.
Registration, enrollment and follow-up of acceptance or rejection of the request must be carried out by the applicant on the UFSM Web Site during the periods established in the official notice.]
The documents required must be sent to the UFSM Communication Postgraduate Program administrative office, according to the guidelines provided in the official notice.
The special enrollment in postgraduate subjects is limited to one subject per semester for each student and at most two special enrollments in the Program.
The student may attend subjects at most in two different Programs. And they may total, in four different semesters, four subjects as a special student in the institution.
Special enrollments in required subjects are not going to be allowed. It is up to the panel body, by regulations, to regulate the number of vacancies per subject and the priorities in granting such vacancies.
The selection of applicants
The POSCOM Internal Regulation establishes in its Art. 30 that special enrollment may be granted in the following cases:
I – Undergraduate students from any higher education institution with at least 75% of the credits necessary to complete their courses and participating in a research project approved in the scope of the institution. And it is up to the project coordinator the responsibility for requesting the appropriate justifications to the coordination staff;
II – Students linked to postgraduate programs from other national or foreign higher education institutions. And the student’s original program coordination staff is responsible for requesting to the UFSM postgraduate program coordination staff;
III – Holders of a higher education diploma participating in a research project approved within the scope of the institution. And the project coordinator is responsible for requesting to the Program coordination staff;
IV – Servants having a higher education diploma from the institution and other IES. And the immediate chief is responsible for requesting to the coordination staff.