Selection of applicants is held annually. The selection guidelines are published by UFSM in an official notice in the second semester of the year.
Registration shall be carried out on the PRPGP Web site during the period established in the UFSM school calendar. The documents required must be sent to the UFSM Communication Postgraduate Program administrative office, according to the guidelines provided in the official notice.
The selection of applicants
The Selection Committee shall be appointed by the Program panel body and approved by the Unit Board by an administrative regulation.
The applicants who have been approved in the stages below shall be selected for the doctor’s degree course by a public official notice:
a) First phase: analysis of the project linked to one of the lines of research of PPGCOM (Postgraduate Program in Communication) by members of the selection committee (weight 5) – which is eliminative and classifying. The minimal grade for selection in this phase is 7.0 (seven).
b) Second phase:
I) A test of titles with an evaluation of the Lattes Resume (weight 3);
II) Interview (weight 2).