The curricular structure and the offer of subjects at the UFSM Communication Postgraduate Program are organized from the lines of research which express the topic emphases and the current theoretical perspectives in the Program and they search to facilitate the integration among professors and students, complying to the specificities of each of the lines. These are the lines that guide the academic path in the choice of subjects that the postgraduate student must follow to obtain the credits required. Such path must be organized jointly by the student and the thesis adviser by means of a Study Plan.
The subjects offered by POSCOM are organized in three groups: Required, Optional and Complementary Activities. Get to know the subjects menu here.
The credits in Complementary Activities must be obtained as a previous condition for defending the dissertation or thesis and may be obtained during the student’s academic path. Such activities must be agreed with the thesis adviser and be approved by the POSCOM panel body.
The program of the subjects to be offered each semester by the coordination staff takes place in the period established in the Academic Calendar and is going to be informed to the students in advance. The offer of required subjects and complementary activities is constant. However, the optional subjects may be offered or not each semester. Therefore the students must revise and modify their Study Plan throughout the course if there are modifications in the offer.
Check the specific curricular structures for the POSCOM master’s and doctor’s degrees courses: