It gathers research projects having in common the study of the incidence of the media scope in conforming the contemporary identities, emphasizing the construction of representations and meanings. It also gathers the research by professors involving interpretative studies on the role of Media Communications in constructing social dynamics, identity frameworks, interaction experiences and processes of consumption/appropriation that pass by the mediation of the media language discourse work.
Areas of interest of the line:
Media, consumption and identities (globalization and localization of the communication processes and culture; sociocultural appropriations of brands) – media representations – television reception – cultural approaches in journalism – popular in journalism.
Professors of the line:
Ada Cristina M. Silveira
Cássio dos Santos Tomaim
Elizabeth Bastos Duarte
Flavi Ferreira Lisboa Filho
Liliane Dutra Brignol
Márcia Franz Amaral
Rosane Rosa
Reges Tone Schwaab
Veneza Mayora Ronsini
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