It refers to the strategies that act promoting the coordination and organization between the media scope and the other social fields. Such strategies involve the media field relations with the other fields, specially the strategies that such field triggers or takes from to construct the contemporary public spaces to ensure the presence of the institutions in the public spaces and to institute some forms of social link between the institutions and the users of their offers. It gathers the research by professors working with communication management, models of institutional communication, study of supports, new forms of communication supports and environments, macro-analytical dimensions of the cultural industry and its effects on the social reality, the media culture relations with temporalities and spatialities.
Areas of interest of the line:
Media and effects of meaning – media and public spaces – media supports – media, ideology and ethics – strategies of organizational communication – visual languages and production of meaning.
Professors of the line:
Aline Roes Dalmolin
Eugênia M. M. R. Barichello
Juliana Petermann
Maria Ivete Trevisan Fossá
Maria Lília Dias de Castro
Rejane de Oliveira Pozobon
Viviane Borelli
Sandra Rúbia da Silva
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