Scholarship Committee
The UFSM Communication Postgraduate Program Scholarship Committee is responsible for distributing, maintaining and redistributing the scholarship awarded by development agencies.
Such committee has a Coordinator and at leas one representative of the professors and one representative of the students. The latter is chosen by their peers complying to the following requirements, according to Art. 10 of the Communication Postgraduate Program Internal Regulation:
I – the representative of the professors must be a member of the Program professors permanent staff;
II – the representative of the students must have been enrolled in the Program
for at least a year as a regular learner.
The Scholarship Committee rules are approved by the course panel body considering the current legislation: from the development agencies, the General Regulation of the UFSM Postgraduate Programs and Courses and the POSCOM Internal Regulation.
Members of the Scholarship Committee
Cássio Tomaim (Coordinator)
Liliane Brignol
Viviane Borelli

Fabiana da Costa Pereira
Committee for Scientific Dissemination and Publicity
A committee designated to support the Program coordination staff for dissemination and publicity of its the Program actions.
Professor in charge:Liliane Dutra Brignol
Gabriel Souza
Mirian Quadros
Phillipp Gripp
Thiago Trindade